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We are the professionals of painting in New York, we embellish the interior of your house, office, spectacular work with striped paint and much more.

Tempered Glass

For the most demanding we carry out different works in tempered glass: Floors, glass fences, shower doors and what our clients request.


We are your solution, we clean your house: carpets, floors, windows, furniture, etc, as well as companies or offices and much more.

Decorative Finishes

Our designers give that decorative touch to your home or office with our range of colors for artistic drawings in any space, remodeling, installations, etc.

Plaster Repair

Specialists in repairs and remodeling, especially in plaster walls, we leave your wall as new, we also do other works with plaster.

Bedroom Remodeling

If you want to expand your bedroom, transform it into a studio bedroom, remodel the baby's room or simply give it an atmosphere we are the chosen ones.

Work Method

Our Work in four steps.
  • 1. Contact

    Enabled our phone number, our social networks and form.

  • 2. Previous Study

    When Conversing, we conducted a preliminary study of the site.

  • 3. Start

    With care, dedication and professionalism we began our work.

  • 4. Final product

    We correct any detail and finish our work giving you the best satisfaction.

    Recent Works

    Our creativity and imagination go beyond barriers.

    About Us

    Meet our company in three images.
    Striped Paint
    Professional Painters

    we innovate the current panorama of interior design thanks to our professionals in painting that will cover your walls with the best colors.

    Interiors Designers
    Interiors Professional Designers

    In addition to painting, we have luxury interior designers, capable of turning any environment into a dream place.


    And if that were not enough, we made a complete cleaning of your home, your office, your commercial premises.

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