Carpet Installation and Cleaning in Okc

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Carpet Installation and Cleaning in Okc

Carpet is the term used to designate any fabric made on a loom in silk, wool, thread or fiber. and used to cover the floor of a room.

The carpet of the tenth century. The Crusades introduced the Turkish carpets in Europe where they were mainly hung from the walls as tapestries or used on tables. Only after the opening of the trade routes in the 17th century did the Persian carpets arrive. Its use in western homes as a floor covering did not become popular until the 18th century.

Types of carpet

Carpets of nomadic origin:

The nomadic tribes use small portable looms for their creations, which are usually not large. Usually these carpets have developed geometric systems with vertical and horizontal lines.

Carpets of sedentary origin:

They are made with much larger looms, resulting in a much larger size. They tend to be much more stylized and represent geometric models more repetitive and much closer to an orderly approach and following a previously drawn pattern of drawing.

Be of one type or another, they need care and attention. Although we are careful, with everyday use, stains of crayons, food, dirt or dust become difficult to avoid. In fact, many people today choose not to have carpets at home because of the effort involved in cleaning them, but now with Okc Interiors, that will not be a problem since you have at your disposal to our experts in regards to interior spaces as it is painting, decorating, glass remodeling and cleaning, we provide complete cleaning of the interior of your home and some elements a little delicate like the beautiful carpets that adorn your home.

Most customers think that with just water and soap is enough to clean carpets, but in reality that is not so, especially in the case of stains, deep odors and so on.

Our team has the necessary tools to eliminate those smells, stains or dirty as we apply product exclusively designed for cleaning this type of material, so that your carpet is completely restored. We can also install new carpets at the best price and in the shortest time. Just contact us and receive our best offers.