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One of the most original ideas when it comes to painting the house is striped paint, which normally predominates in the rooms since they allow more freedom, but also in the living room, dining room, etc. both in colors and styles. It can combine not only different colors, but also vertical-horizontal directions, something that certainly makes a difference with respect to the view of the walls of the home.

It is a technique that requires knowledge since its difficulty is medium to high, so we recommend that you contact the professionals of Okc Interiors, you will save time and headaches when they are generated at the time of performing this type of works.

We use the right techniques and tools to make your walls look sensationally different. We can paint stripes of the same thickness or can vary the width of the same in any of our works, everything is at the request of our customers, among them is the bodywork tape that gives a professional finish absolutely.

The first thing we usually do, after having reached an agreement with our clients is to start painting the wall with the base color. Then according to the client's request we will start measuring the width or height of the wall depending on whether the stripes will be vertical or horizontal.

Then we have to place the body tape on the top of the wall as well as the bottom on the footboard exactly, this to give protection when painting, so our customers should be carefree for any incident as we take the measurements of security needed when carrying out our projects.

Next we will make the respective measures, taking distance between them and marking the width that will take each of them, to fix the tape and then to begin to paint.

Generally we apply striped paint on one of the walls of the space to work, since to do so on all walls will be recharged and instead of giving that touch of class and style to your environment, what will generate is a bad impression to viewer. The other walls usually paint them with a light color.

It is proven that with painting we can create true works of art on the wall, and even more with a tendency to paint and decorate the walls with horizontal or vertical stripes, which results in the creation of modern and very original spaces, which you can achieve by the hand of our professional painters. Just contact our team and you will be fascinated.