Wood dyed in Okc

Wood dyed in New York
Wood dyed in Okc

The dyeing or inking is the procedure of dyeing the natural wood, without previous hands, with special inks for this type of material, granting a different color to the original, but without covering the original texture and streaks of the wood.

Usually an inking is done to:

Homogenize the colors of the wood
Imitate another type of wood in clearer ones
Change the color according to the decoration.

The colors of dye inks are based on the color of the wood you want to show, so we find teka, cedar, mahogany or oak inks and more. There are also inks of other colors, for example blue or green, that change the color of the wood while always maintaining its natural veining. You have the possibility of using aniline dissolved in water to dye the wood of the color you want. All applied by the experts of the painting of Okc Interiors, which have transformed a lot of wooden objects, giving you that feeling of originality of what you want to imitate.

If you just want to restore your furniture and leave them as if you had recently bought them do not worry you are in the right hands. We have the experience in painting and dyeing of wood that transform surfaces to an innovative, elegant aspect and the best thing you do not have to replace them with new ones.

Our most beautiful work has been applied on pine wood, which depending on its state would have to take some sanding techniques or others, since if previously varnished could not directly apply the dye on the surface, without taking the correct measures to Perform the procedure, but do not worry we are experts in the field.

Dye colored wood:

For intense tastes, we have the best tints with intense tones so you can choose the one you like.

Dyes allow you to create many effects quickly. One of the things we like most about dyes is that in a quick way we can change the color of the wood giving the desired look. We can dye wood, paint on top, give stained waxes, apply patinas with paints or watercolors. The stained wood is a great base to create a decorative project.

Creative ideas, excellent results, qualities that characterize us as we have the ability to transform something simple into complex, simple into extravagant, classic to modern.