Remodeling of Bedroom

Remodeling of Bedrooms in New York
Bedroom Remodeling

Bedroom is the name of the room used, above all, for the sleep and rest of the resident or occupant. In most cases, this room is accompanied by personal furniture or private shared use (bed, desk, wardrobe, etc.).

You can not say exactly what is done in this room, activities can vary from sleeping, reading, watching television, dressing, talking with another user, rest the body, or just isolate a little from the outside. This because it depends exclusively on each user in particular.

Types of bedrooms

There are different types of bedrooms available for each type of person and their personal life. Our team of designers is trained to remodel or create from scratch any of the following:

Double bedroom. They are generally spacious have a double bed and occupies a larger place. In Okc Interiors, we recommend you to have two bedside tables. The heads and tables of modern design are more practical than the classics.

Single room. They are spaces where there is only one single bed. The decoration will depend on the person who occupies it and our team will be on the lookout to listen to your tastes as well as to advise you when you want. We recommend the bedside table, table with chair to work and armchair to read. The closet is preferable to be inside. It admits beds with canopy or others of straighter lines.

Studio bedroom. This type of bedroom has a double function, so its design is different from those used only for sleeping. The bed represents an element since the main part is the space intended to work. We have different designs to create a beautiful studio bedroom, one of them would be divided into two areas, one located on a platform or high area where the client's bed will be located, and in the lower part would be the work area or vice versa.

Children's bedroom. It is one of our favorites because we love creating those spaces for children to play and store their toys so they would be fascinated with sleeping in that little space designed for them. It is recommended assembled furniture, or modular to take advantage of space. When it is baby, the bed is replaced by the crib. They admit a decoration with more color and fabrics than the juveniles.

Our remodeling also includes cabinets, professional and decorative painting, both in walls, cabinets or cabinets. Our creativity has no limits, you just have to see our work and you will want to remodel your bedroom.