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The wallpaper, also known as wallpaper or wall paper, is a first-rate coating for interior decoration, very useful for covering heavily punctured walls and is placed on the walls of a room covering them totally or partially. Although today painting is still the queen of the walls, we can always choose to paper a room to give it a more personal air and make its walls more resistant to daily racking.

The wallpaper consists of a surface of stamped or smooth paper that sticks to the walls of a room. Usually it consists of uniform designs like stripes, pictures or motifs that are repeated so that a roll can be placed next to the other maintaining the visual harmony.

At Okc Interiors, we have a large catalog of designs so that you can adapt to any need. In stripes, pictures, decorative figures and themes that will simply decorate your home or office in an economical way.

Advantages of paper Painted:

It is cleaned simply and quickly and can be easily renewed by changing the paper when you want.
It is very useful to cover cracks, imperfections or blemishes that do not go away.
Create visual effects: make the room look wider.
With this coating we can create several environments in the same space.
We can tune a closet or shelf.
Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Types of Painted Paper

We have available for you the different types of paper that exist in the market, they differ according to their composition, texture and finish depending on each one of them will be cheaper than others:

Simplex: Paper made from a single sheet, stamped on one or more inks (colors), usually forming patterns from repeating patterns. They are in different weights and currently they all have a protection that allows to wash them in moderation.

Duplex: Unlike the Simplex, its manufacture is based on two sheets of paper, this quality gives it greater thickness and strength.

Vinyls: It is formed by a sheet of paper on which extends a layer of vinyl. This layer of vinyl for its own characteristics allows the coating to be extremely washable and resistant.

We love to innovate, transform, design to meet the needs of our customers, contact us so you know everything about our designs and offers.