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Decoration wallpaper  320 x 224


It is used as a covering to decorate the wall either totally or partially giving it a unique and personal touch, since the wall can not only be painted, it can also be decorated with this type of paper that is more resistant to advantage to cleaning. Wallpaper consists of either a patterned or smooth paper surface that adheres to the walls of a room.

Here we have a variety of wallpaper designs and colors to decorate to suit your needs whether it be decorating an entire wall or just half a room. The advantages of the wallpaper is that it can be changed, it is easy and simple to clean, it is useful when you want to cover cracks, or imperfections, it can improve the decoration of the room giving it a broader focus.

Types of wallpaper:
  • Self-adhesive vinyl paper easy to use and put: It is made of paper and vinyl. The advantages of this wallpapering method are that it is easy to clean thanks to the plastic resin of the vinyl, and that it comes with adhesive on the back, thus avoiding the most complicated part of the laying process: gluing.
  • 3D texture wallpaper: The textured paper consists of variants such as the 3D panels with relief that you can see in the image above. They allow very visual decoration and protect the wall by providing it with a soft surface, ideal in playrooms for the little ones in the house. When talking about textures we can find two cases, one in which the texture is 3D tactile and the other gives the smooth and shiny finish.
  • Outlet wallpaper: Sometimes we can find offers in this type of product, such as these rolls of PVC wallpaper to give a new style to furniture, doors, kitchen shelves, among other places where we can use them and thus creating striking color spotlights where to focus strength of the set or combine with different design elements.
  • Adhesive tiles for bathroom: Covering the areas most prone to splashing, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms with this type of decorative tile, is an option par excellence in any express reform. It allows for durable quality finishes and is an inexpensive option.
  • Wood and vintage wallpaper is one of the options that you can give a special and unique style despite being the most common with a good decoration can be brought out
Bedroom remodeling:

The room is a personal place where most of the time we spend either for leisure, rest, study and more, which is why it is important to keep it in good condition, but in case you need to make a change there is the remodeling

There are several types of rooms which are:
  • Single room: These are spaces where there is only one single bed, the space depends on the distribution. If this room is for a teenager, it is recommended that they be calm colors, with a pastel color palette or if you want something more striking, use colder colors, you can decorate with things that she or they like, shelves with good distribution , if you have windows use curtains that match the style, you can also create your own decorations and give your unique touch
  • Double Room: They are generally spacious, have a double bed and occupy a larger space. The double room according to its use will depend on the decoration since if it is a brother's room it must be versatile, useful and complemented if each person has different styles. But if it is an extra room or for guests, its decoration should be simple and useful.
  • Study bedroom: where the comfort of the bedroom is mixed with the sophistication of the study place where it is organized in such a way that it is pleasant.
  • Children's bedroom: Place where children spend more time playing or watching television, so it is important that it be their unique and fun space where they enjoy their special place.
decoration bedroom
Decoration bedroom 320 x 211