Glasses and their styles

Glass is an inorganic, hard, fragile, transparent and amorphous material that can be obtained both in nature or as a human creation that is used for bottles, windows, lenses and other products that are made with this material. Obtaining it, either naturally or made, there must be the optimal conditions to have it, in the industrial form there are all the processes to do it. With the requirement of several techniques, the product is obtained, but the most used over the years is the casting technique by tempering.
Glasses and their styles
Glass templated window 640 x 640

In turn, there are several methods to carry out the tempered casting, some of these types are the following.


  • Tempered glass: it is a type of glass that is used more than anything else in safety, unlike other glasses, it has a greater resistance since it has modifications that are placed by chemical and thermal treatment. With this kind of material of glass, the exterior of the glass is exposed to compressive stresses, while the internal part is exposed to tensile stresses, which refer to the resistance properties of the glass. This technique of crafting glass gives it greater structural resistance and impact resistance.
  • Tempered Printed: is constituted in an almost identical way to tempered glass but, nevertheless, its process is different, thus leaving an engraved impression. The use of this type of glass is more than all decorative in interiors such as reinforced glass which consists of placing a wire mesh inside the glass to avoid detachment of broken pieces of glass, for this reason it is also considered as a safety decoration to showcase fragile furniture in all his beauty.
  • Anti-reflective: is a type of glass that is achieved by carrying out a treatment that allows achieving a surface texture on both sides of the glass. This texture allows you the ability to decrease light reflection without distorting colors. It is usually used in the same way from one position or another, because it has both sides with this treatment. It is commonly used in glazing and to protect the preservation of paintings, wall decorations, and many more
  • Double glazing: Consists of two glass panes separated by dehydrated air chambers, gives us effective insulation and provides thermal comfort and helps reduce noise in spaces, it’s works greatly in back-splash on your kitchen, as can handle the heat of the cooking, and have a beautiful glass decoration with glazing in a color that shows and combine with the room.
Laminated glass: it consists of the union of two or more layers of glass by means of transparent plastic sheets that have polyvinyl butyral, which have great resistance, adhesion, transparency and elasticity, therefore attenuating the resonance, this give an acoustic advantage as well as absorption of ultraviolet radiation.

Its main use is to protect both people and property, due to its high resistance it can be classified depending on its thickness:
  • Simple: 2 layers 2-3 mm thick
  • Strong: 2 layers 4-6 mm thick
  • Anti-theft: 3 layers 4-6 mm thick
  • Bulletproof: 4 layers 6 mm thick

Recommended installation in places like booths of your locals or stores, or as protection on your house

  • Screen-: it printed is a process in which the glass or screen-printed layers are tempered. Verifiable enamels are placed on one of the parts of the plates in one or several layers, according to the screen printing method.

  • Fume Glass: It is a glass similar to tempered glass, in which it can be found with a shade of translucent black, it is used mainly for the manufacture of furniture and interior accessories.
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    Tempered glass stairs 320 x 240