Types of painting

Types of painting

Types of painting
Types of painting 390 x 280

Ourselves as specialist of painting in All Interiors OKC, we provide to our clients a great variety of Painting materials, to ensure the best for any kind of room, project, ideas, and many more, this it’s our recommendation list of the painting materials that work great with the design or room that you are looking for demodulation or decoration.

  • Paint: They are used to painting floors or stairs, due to their resistance to wear it is recommended.
  • Vinyl paints: It is a type of paint that is water-based and quick-drying in which the pigments that are inside an emulsion of an acrylic polymer are resistant to water. They are suitable for applying outdoors as they resist Sun.
  • Primer paint: it is the one that helps to base surfaces that have not yet been painted to receive the final paint, slightly covering the imperfections that the surface may have and other old colors.
  • Plastic paints: It can be either acrylic or vinyl based on the resin used that gives different results: matte, satin and glossy. This paint is applied both exterior and interior.
  • Synthetic enamel paint: It has greater resistance, it is easy to wash, it is waterproof and it resists temperatures. It is ideal for painting wood and metal surfaces. Its finish can be mate, satin or glossy. Therefore, it is used to paint doors, furniture, windows, etc. It can be of any color and can be mixed.
  • Water enamel paint: they contain water, it is quick drying, and it is easy to clean, it does not resist as much water and the sun, so it is recommended only indoors.
  • Anti-humidity paint: It is used for places with high humidity since they make a waterproofing barrier that corrects water spots.
  • Oil paint: Contains oil or resins to bind its components, it dries slowly, and can be used for both interior walls and ceilings, it is also used for wood and joinery finishes
  • Varnishes: It is used to paint new wood surfaces to change or renew the color, it has a transparent finish with shades that imitate the colors of the wood.
  • Anti-condensation paint: they are those used in places where a lot of steam is concentrated in such as in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Anti Rust paint: They specialize in metal surfaces since they protect it from oxidation and deterioration, it does not need to be removed or diluted. Vitrifying
  • Water-based paint: They contain synthetic resins dissolved in water, which is why they are used to painting ceilings and interior walls because they seal the previous color very well.

  • Reinforced emulsion paint: it is a specialized outdoor paint, it is soluble with a resin base and if it is mixed it has a textured finish.

  • Structured paint: It is a kind of paint that can already be covered with a single brush stroke. Trebuild walls in poor condition and give a stucco-like finish with a smooth relief.

    All this and more for your home with materials and paint of premium quality is your reach for our clients

Types of painting brushes
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